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Karl      Comment   2/3/2011 4:08:33 PM
Lunch Hi - are you open this weekend? Feb 5th for breakfast (-: New to terre haute and want to get for a ride ... Submitted By: Karl

Shirley Webb [Washburn]      Comment   1/14/2011 1:45:46 PM
oilfield store When mom died last week Morris called us to give condolences and said you still had a store so I had to check it out. Nice to see and I hope to get there sometime this summer. shirl Submitted By: Shirley Webb [Washburn]

Carla Honselman      Comment   1/2/2011 6:33:07 AM
Wedding Rehearsal I just found your website - it looks great! I just want to let people know what a fun place Oilfield Store is for special events. Our daughter, Cara, was married in July of 2010 and her fiance's parents hosted the wedding rehearsal dinner at Oilfield Store. Such a relaxed atmosphere and delicious food! Martha and her crew did a wonderful job, even decorating the store for the evening. Just the kind of place we needed for friends and family to get together. Thanks Martha! Submitted By: Carla Honselman

Recent visit      Comment   7/3/2010 8:00:06 AM
Pictures and IBOT Thanks for such a welcoming visit yesterday. I posted some pics to my flickr site at : and wrote the article and submitted it for IBOT. I would guess it will run in the next 2 weeks or so. Thanks for doing what you do.......I love to see small businesses keep with it and provide such a needed service in a small community! Excellant chow too! Ed Baumgarten Submitted By: Recent visit

Edie Breneman      Comment   5/6/2010 8:31:10 PM
Clark County Historical Society visit The Clark County Historical Society would like to visit Oilfield for lunch on Saturday, June 12, 2010. We would arrive about 11 for lunch and hopefully someone could tell us about Oilfield's history. I suggested to one of our members-Dwight Connelly- that he tell us about Oilfield as he put up a Oilfield display in the museum for us. He thought Shannon Ashley should be the presenter. Do you have any ideas? Thanks! Edie CCHSociety Vice President Submitted By: Edie Breneman

Joseph Duane Roy      Comment   4/24/2010 6:47:52 AM
visit to the oil field on May 1, 2010 Just a note to let you know that the Christian Motorcycle Assoc. will be visiting your place on May 1, 2010 around 11:ooam for lunch. I expect around 25 people. I was there a few weeks ago and you asked me to let you know in advance. Submitted By: Joseph Duane Roy

Jim Cunningham      Comment   1/8/2010 10:56:54 PM
Great Site I just recently heard of your WebSite.....whoever is resonsible for it should pat themself/themselves on the back.... I've forwared the site address to out of county friends and relatives....we're all looking for a good time -- soon -- in your establishment! Looking forward to meeting everyone soon, in person. JimC Submitted By: Jim Cunningham

Jerry and Chearie Lindsay      Comment   9/7/2009 8:05:21 PM
visit on Labor Day Just wanted to tell you that Chearie and I (and pups) enjoyed our afternoon lunch at your restaurant. The cheeseburger was excellent and Chearie said the chicken sandwich was to die for. Pups liked it also! lol :-) We shall return as they say! Jerry and Chearie Betsy and Daisy May Charleston Il Submitted By: Jerry and Chearie Lindsay

richard      Comment   7/11/2009 8:50:13 AM
a great place to eat! hello there? i just seen a little clip on P B S t/v about your restraint,and I've been there when i lived in Terre Haute but now i moved to Marion Indiana so i just stopped in to say hello to all and keep up the great work..... Submitted By: richard

Sue Maynard      Comment   3/30/2009 9:59:10 PM
Oilfield Hi, I just had a tour of Oilfield and your cafe sitting in my home in southern Oregon via RFD T.V. You've made it big! Much success with your new season. Submitted By: Sue Maynard

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